Fine Dining

June 22, 2013   Rue des Quatra Fils, Paris                                                                        

I stayed in the flat working on the novel until it was time to get ready for dinner. The time flew by while I wrote, and I looked forward to a lovely evening with Dave’s charming friends, who I hadn’t yet met, but had complete faith that if Dave loved them, so would I.  All was good: the food and wine, dessert and conversation.  Pascal and Arnaud planned the details of time and place just perfectly.  The restaurant was just a short walk away, and the outdoor music festival nearly raged on the tiny cobbled streets as we strolled to dinner.  People of all ages from everywhere were out, enjoying all of the various kinds of free live musical performances going on.  I couldn’t take a step without adding a little bounce in sympathy with the beat.

Inside, the restaurant was quiet and modern, Pascal and Arnaud the perfect gentlemen, acting as our hosts and advisors.  We began with a champagne toast, and then enjoyed some wonderful courses.  We chatted of our mutual friendship with Dave, traveling, customs, food, and wine.  Tres Bon!

After dinner, we took a short walk through the musical sidewalks and into a couple of bars—I have to find a better word than that.  At the first, a tiny place with a brass horseshoe shaped bar, my friends spotted a famous French movie star.  The second was a tiny bookstore with bar service.  Fantastique!  Something like that would be a wonderful addition to Blue Jay.  After this thoroughly pleasant day, I slept well, hearing virtually nothing from the street while ensconced in the flat. 

If you are traveling as a writer, plan to write, but also, as I was lucky enough to do today, spend time with the local people.  You will be much enriched.  Merci. 


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