Kenosha, Retirement, Thanksgiving, and Love

Wouldn’t it be magical if Mike and I could go home?  We are trying to get there.  I’m thankful for so many things, and freshly grieving for so many others.  I made pumpkin pie for my grandkids today–couldn’t make the second pumpkin nor the pecan due to crazy poor planning and no pie tins–and I tried to say goodbye to our tiny new grandchild, a boy, never given a breath on this planet.  I celebrated an anniversary yesterday–a Lake Arrowhead marriage that has sustained me and given me new life. And I recently spent time with my husband’s sisters and two of my nieces–gifts to my heart and soul.   There isn’t anything I’ve lived through that wasn’t blessed, though I was for many years blinded to the blessings.  Now I know.  And I give thanks, 

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