Anniversaries, Retirement, and Finally, Storms

ImageFebruary 28, 2014

Lake Arrowhead, California, USA

My sister-in-law and her husband are just celebrating their anniversary in Arizona today.  Heard they had some great Italian food.  Tomorrow, my mother and father-in-law will be celebrating their anniversary with lobster or shrimp or something-seafood in Wisconsin.  This makes me think about my marriage.  I’m a lucky girl. I will see my husband in about six weeks, after a two month work-related separation.  I look forward to his phone calls the same way I did when first we met.  “Will he call?  Does he miss me?”  But more than that, “I adore his voice and his stories.”

And then, wonderful news, California is finally getting relief from our drought.  This has arrived in a twin package–two storms, the first a mild-mannered rainstorm from the south, and the second, hitting now, a real ripper from the north.  I drove home from school today in water deeper than my tiny New Beetle tires are high.  Walked into the cabin, lit a fire, and poured a glass of wine.  Deep red.

As my dear brother used to say, “Life is wonderful, if you let it be.”

Blessings to All.


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