To Memoir, Or Not to Memoir? What Do You Believe About the Moral Imperative?

Should I Tell My Story?

Maybe, the questions are, since I obviously have to, am compelled to, write it all down… maybe the questions are: How honest can I be?  (No use writing it if the answer isn’t 100%)  How much disguised? (There’s the rub!  How about if I keep the heart of it honest, but change up the details so that it can be marketed as fiction?).

     That’s got to be it.

The struggle continues, the writing struggle, but if I can at least be free of the weight of guilt felt at even the idea, the glimmer in the bottom of my mind, of telling the raw truth, the audacity of it, then perhaps I can carry on.

     How about you?  What are your thoughts on writing down the unspeakable truths?  Please respond.  I value reader judgment highly.  Thank you!


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