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Wenching in the New Year

If you haven’t heard about America’s Great Loop or followed my friends on their journey, you need to check it out! The writing is wonderful and the trip true. This is good stuff, and you will laugh.

Dead Reckoning

The weather finally changed last Sunday night, the wind howling in from the north and bringing with it a fifteen degree drop in the temperature. From the way the locals here in Key West are dressed you’d think we’d gone below zero — people wearing stocking caps and gloves and some even wrapping themselves in insulated vests and coats. It’s seventy degrees for Godsakes! Jan and I are running around in our shorts and tee shirts, acting like it’s May in Minnesota. Great sleeping weather and for the first time since we arrived we feel like we aren’t going to melt with any sort of outside activity. It was simply too hot down here.

We had a busy holiday season. First, Jan’s sister Hurricane Mary blew in from Salt Lake City and set things a-whirling aboard old Mitzvah; Yoga, Tai-Chi and long bike rides fueled by granola and tofu. And…

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