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The Writing Traveler

July 13, 2015

East Finchley Tube Station, London

East Finchley Tube Station, London

Today was a good writing day. You know, one of those days when you begin with a plan, something you know you can handle. (As opposed to one of those days where you stare blankly into space or rewrite the same paragraph over and over in every possible configuration, none of which really work for you.) My objective was simple. Revise one scene, adding sensory detail to infuse it with more life.

This launched me into a couple of happy hours spent researching unfamiliar foods—their ingredients, colors, flavors, and presentations—famous restaurants, Indian and English décor, and even childhood development.

This is one of the great delights of writing, this process of reaching beyond ones’ own experience, to better understand and describe the worlds we recreate on paper. I adore travel, and in the course of my writing, I am always going somewhere. At times, these travels take place in books or on the internet. Other times there is a trip to the grocery store or a new restaurant. Occasionally, there are tickets involved, such as bus, train, boat, or airline tickets.

Today, I’ve been to London! How about you? Where is your writing research and imagination leading you? Wishing you a bon voyage!London2013 027


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