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A Poem For My New Protagonist

*Mary Miller’s Broken Villanelle


She lay curled up on her susceptible side

          Aware that the hand that Signed the Paper filled a city

       Shackle-married to a ghost of war and manly pride


 Her brother’s love of bourbon not quietly set aside

Mountains of gray-green rock imagination and pity

 She lay curled up upon her side to hide


 Independence sold gladly for lust and feminine pride

 The lavender edged pond trailing hidden paws of kitties

 Shackle-Married to a ghost of war and manly pride


A fine suddenness of perception nearly compromised- near lost inside

 Her place in the bed dust-filled and gritty

 She lay curled up on her not as susceptible side


 Aware alert to a polished dying of the firelight beside

Her youth and a dimly realized truth sacrificed for war’s false pretty

Still married to a ghost of war and manly pride?


Along a Rim of World high and far above the tide

One and then another great pile of bodies scuttling behind the jetty

She lay curled up, contemplating, waiting, deciding


                   Not long perhaps if ever married to a ghost of war and manly pride

                                                                  Free to float


                                                               Beyond the jetty


  *A found poem in the villanelle style created incorporating some of the words of Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, and Dylan Thomas.  This poem is written about the protagonist of a novel I’m currently working on set in Lake Arrowhead, CA and London, England during World War II.

 ©Rachel “Lori” Pohlman, Twin Peaks, CA, July 2013


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